On January 15th, "Organic·Growth" 2020 ARCHILAND Annual Meeting has been held successfully. In the past year, ARCHILAND has strived for the sustainable development of cities with smart and sustainable design concept. In 2019, we have achieved a lot and grown together. Here, we would like to share our happiness and tears.

In the past year, the entire design industry is faced with transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the market becomes more inactive and competition becomes more intense. Through upgrade of organization, focus on business, improvements of our services and products, ARCHILAND has maximized the capacity and energy of our team. In 2020, ARCHILAND will adhere to smart and sustainable design, together with our staff, to create more possibilities.

2019 is a year of harvest, and ARCHILAND has never stopped growing. ARCHILAND will continue to integrate smart and sustainable design concepts into every project to promote sustainable urban development and inject more energy into the city.