Dear Clients, Partners and All Archilanders, 

In view of current severe situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, in this critical period, in order to better curb the spread of epidemic, with the attitude of being responsible for the society and our staff, ARCHILAND will resume online work from February 10th.

ARCHILAND will keep effective online communication with all clients and partners to ensure the project progress. We appreciate for your understanding if there is any inconvenience or impact caused by online office. At the same time, we hope all Archilanders can devote themselves to the work with a positive attitude in the New Year and provide more professional and comprehensive services for our clients and partners.


1.Please take all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your families.

2.Please avoid unnecessary public transportations and strengthen personal protection. If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, please go to the hospital and inform HR department in time.

3. Please adjust work arrangements in time and ensure good communication and coordination with relevant clients and business partners.

4. Due to the uncertainty of epidemic prevention and control, based on national policies, we will adjust relevant working plans accordingly and keep our clients, partners and colleagues updated. 

Spring is Coming, Stay Strong China!

Facing the epidemic,ARCHILAND will always be with you!



February 09st, 2020