After the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, the Chinese government has rapidly adopted various effective epidemic prevention and control measures, which have helped China flatten the curve. In this special period, our Danish friends deeply concerned about the epidemic situation in China, and sent their sincere greetings on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Denmark.

The frequent cultural exchanges between China and Denmark have not only made these two countries closely linked with each other in the culture field, but also help to spread the precious wealth carried by cultural exchanges. Such cultural exchanges will not stop due to viruses or disasters. Many Danish friends who have cooperated with China have signed a joint letter. Morten Holm, Design Director of ARCHILAND, also participated in this joint greeting event. Hope this letter can pass on energy and resolution from Denmark. Denmark and China will fight the epidemic together!

Signed joint greeting letters are: (sorted by last name)

·      Ada Ortega Camara · Artist, Founder

       of 60Seconds Festival

·      Anders Koppel · Composer / Musician

·      Anders Nyborg · Director / Producer, DOK5000

·      Andreas Dalsgaard · Film Director

·      Anne Elizabeth Toft · Associate Professor,

       Aarhus School of Architecture

·      Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg · Professor Emerita

       of Chinese Language and Literature,

       University of Aarhus

·      Annette Cornelia Meyer · Fashion Designer

·      Arne Kvorning · CEO, Kvorning Design

·      Beate Cegielska · Director, Galleri Image

·      Dr Benjamin Asmussen · Head of Asian

       Research and Cooperation, Curator,

       Maritime Museum of Denmark


·      Benjamin Koppel · Musician

·      Bettina E. Pedersen · INSPITE Innovation

·      Bjørn Nørgaard · Professor / Sculptor

·      Camilla Mordhorst · CEO,

       Danish Cultural Institute

·      Cecilia Milwertz · Senior Researcher Emerita,

       Nordic Institute of Asian Studies,

       University of Copenhagen

·      Clemens Stubbe Østergaard · Professor

       Emeritus of political science,

       University of Aarhus

·      Charlotte Haslund-Christensen ·

       Visual artist, Photographer

·      Chris Jordan · Composer, No Domain

·      Christian Danielewitz · Artist MFA, PhDFellow

       at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

·      Concerto Copenhagen

·      CuntsCollective International Performance


·      Danish Cultural Center in China

·      丹麦文化中心

·      Deane Simpson · Professor / Architect,

       Urbanism and Societal Changes,

       The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,

·      School of Architecture

·      Ditlev Tamm · Professor, Faculty of Law,

       University of Copenhagen,

       President of the SC Van Foundation

·      Dmitrij Slepniov · Associate Professor,

       Head of Educational Program in Innovation

       Management, Sino-Danish Center

       for Education and Research

·      Ebbe Høyrup · Managing Director,

       Live Music in Schools

·      Else Marie Bukdahl · Former Rector of

       The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


·      Emil de Waal · Composer / Musician

·      Eva Frost · CEO, JazzDanmark

·      Faurschou Foundation 林冠艺术基金会

·      Finn Andersen · Former President, The

       European Union National Institutes for Culture

·      Finn Berggren · Former President of Gerlev

       Sports Academy, International Adviser

·      Flemming Ytzen · Columnist and Asia

       specialist, Politiken and TV2 News,

       lecturer on Asian history

·      Frank Andersen · Ballet Director

·      Frans Bak · Composer / Musician

·      Gehl

·      Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen · Artists

·      Henrik Køhler · CEO, Teatercentrum

·      Horsens Art Museum ·

       Director Claus Hagedorn-Olsen,

       Curator Julie Horne Møller

·      Jacques Matthiessen · Artistic Director,

       Passepartout Theatre Productions

·      Jakob Borrits Skov Sabra ·

       International Research and Development,

       The Animation Workshop

·      Jakob Vedelsby · Author published in China,

       former Chairman of the Danish Authors’Society

·      Jan Gehl · Professor and Architect

·      Jane Jin Kaisen · Visual Artist

·      Jeppe Gjervig Gram · Screenwriter

·      Jesper Qvistgaard · Head of Global

       Engagement, VIA University College

·      Johannes Torpe · CEO / Partner,

       GALACTIC and Johannes Torpe Studios

·      Jørgen Delman · Professor, China

       Studies, University of Copenhagen

·      Katrine A. Sahlstrøm · Producer,

       Good Company Pictures

·      Katrine Lotz · Director,

       Department of Urbanism and Landscape,

       The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,

       School of Architecture


·      Kim Buck · Jewelry Designer / Professor

·      Kim Bøytler · Founder and Artisticdirector, 

       Freestyle Phanatix

·      Kragh & Berglund · Hans Kragh and

       Jonas Berglund, Architects and

       Founding Partners

·      Lars Hannibal · Guitarist / Lutenist,

       Curator for the Danish Gala Concert at

       Shanghai EXPO

·      Lars Oskan-Henriksen · Chairperson,

       Copenhagen Pride

·      Lars Ravn · Visual Artist

·      Lars Romann Engel · CEO and

       Artistic Director, Hamlet Scenen

·      Lars Seeberg · Director, see@rt

·      Lin Utzon · Artist, Recipient of TheDanish

       Ministry of Culture’s Honorary Award 

·      Lone Feifer · Secretary General,

       Active House Alliance

·      Louis Thonsgaard · Associate Dean,

       Film & Transmedia, VIA University College

·      Louis Valente · Executive Director,

       ASSITEJ Denmark, Secretary General,

       ASSITEJ International

·      Mads Edelberg Timmermann · DJ / Promoter

       / Festival Organizer

·      Mads Møller · CEO, Nordiq Group

·      Maja Nydal Eriksen · Photography-based

       visual artist

·      Manduela Riger-Kusk · Pipe crafter /

       Stage designer

·      Marianne Løkke Jakobsen · Director of

       International Affairs and Music Confucius

       Institute, The Royal Danish Academy ofMusic


·      Marianne Larsen · Poet and Writer

·      Mariyah · Musician

·      Martin Mörck · Artist / Master Engraver

·      Martin Røen · Director, Ren Production CPH

       and Godset Live Music Venue

·      Mathias Løvgreen · Visual Artist

·      Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen · CEO,

       Meta Film

·      Mette Knudsen · Film Director, Honorary

       Member of Danish Film Directors’ Association

·      Mette Saabye · Designer

·      Michael Brommann · Founding Partner,

       Gravity Board Games

·      Michael Haslund-Christensen ·

       Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Denmark,

       CEO of Haslund Film

·      Michael Metz Mørch · Ambassador (ret.)

·      Michala Petri · Recorder virtuoso

·      Mike Ameko Lippert · Co-founder, andel

·      Mikkel Bogh · Director, SMK /

       The National Gallery of Denmark


·      Morten Holm · Partner, MA in Architecture,


·      Morten Zeuthen · Professor / Cellist,Member

       of the Board of Music Confucius Institute

·      National Museum of Denmark  /

       Nationalmuseet 丹麦国家博物馆

·      Niels Peter Flint · Sustainable

       Concept Architect, Designer and Artist

·      Nikolaj Feifer · Film Director

·      Noemi Ferrer Schwenk · Head of

       International, The Danish Film Institute


·      Odin Theater / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium-

       Odin Teatret 奥丁剧院· Eugenio Barba,

       Theatre Director, Per Kap Bech Jensen,

       Excecutive Director, and Julia Varley, Actor

·      OUR Recordings

·      Palle Granhøj · Stage Director

·      Paolo Nani Theater · Paolo Nani, Founder,

       and Malco Olivero, General Manager

·      Peter Callesen · Artist

·      Rasmus Astrup · Landscape Architect,

       Partner of SLA

·      Rasmus Steen · Head of Documentary Film,

       International Media Support (IMS)

·      Sarita Christensen · CEO,

       Copenhagen Bombay Productions

·      Simone Aaberg Kærn · Artist / Fine Arts

·      Stig L Andersson · Founding Partner and

       Design Director of SLA. Professor at

       Beijing Forestry University

       and at University of Copenhagen

·      Theatre Madam Bach · Christian Schrøderand

       Pernille Bach, Founders and Artistic Directors

·      Thomas Dambo · Artist

·      Thomas Sandberg · Composer / Performer

·      Thøger Jensen · Writer

·      Timothy Rushton · Ballet Director

·      Torben Nielsen · Rector, Aarhus School

       of Architecture 奥胡斯建筑学院

·      Torben Groengaard Jeppesen · Museum

       Director, Dr.Phil., Hans Christian Andersen’s

       House & Museum 丹麦安徒生博物馆

·      Women’s Museum of Denmark /

       Danmarks Kvindemuseum 丹麦女性中心