Recently, the result of the Yibin Nanguang Ancient Town Concept Design Competition has been officially announced, and the design scheme from the design consortium between ARCHILAND and SZPD has been successfully shortlisted. As a cultural ancient town with a long history, Nanguang Ancient Town embraces rich natural resources and beautiful landscapes, bears the trade culture of the Southern Sild Road prospering from the water transport, and has legend stories such as the Reincarnation of the Spirit Beads and the Nezha Conquers the Dragon King.  Making full use of the unique IP of Nanguang Ancient Town, focusing on the human-oriented space, and sticking to the design principle of taking ecology as the foundation, culture as the support, and scene as the driving force, the new ecological system of the cultural and tourism industry combining travel experiences with IP derivatives will become a new name card of Yibin in the future.

By integrating historical and cultural resources with the site context, our design of the Nanguang Ancient Town fully respects the re-organization of the local context, integrates the historical heritage into urban life, extracts the original street texture and livable scale, and combines historical and cultural landscape with the terrain, buildings and landscape, to create a block-type urban cultural place that can reflect the continuity of the history and the creativity of the culture, to provide a sustainable development path for the cultural tourism in Yibin.

*The final scheme is based on the actual government approval, and the above drawings are the expression of intention.