On September 20th, 2022, the "Carbon Neutral Action Salon (Beijing & Copenhagen Sister City Celebration)" has been successfully held at the FunFarmFam Ecological Farm, organized by ARCHILAND and FunFarmFam, Ecological Farm, co-organized by the Denmark Embassy, NBEV and SWECO. This Salon focuses on the approaches of carbon neutral strategy. Dozens of domestic and foreign experts in the industry have gathered together to discuss the development trend of future cities, aiming to explore an innovative practice of sustainable development and build the zero-carbon living communities.

Ms. Dorthe Lange, Minister of Denmark in China, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. She said that we have seen the zero-carbon design scheme in practice in the construction of eco-farm. Under the leadership of Mr. Morten Holm of ARCHILAND, the guests started their eco-tour. The FunFarmFam Ecological Farm has retained the original appearance of nature to the greatest extent, creating a low-carbon green ecological city life model on the basis of following the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. In addition to experiencing the immersive ecological farm experience, the guests also tasted the apples produced by the farm, which was widely praised.

Low carbon will be an important symbol of the future eco-city, and the carbon neutrality of the future city will be a great challenge for us in the future. By implementing the right emission reduction policies and taking immediate action, countries around the world will work together to build ecologically livable cities and move towards a net zero emission future.