ARCHILAND Projects Won 2022 The "Haihe Cup" Excellent Survey and Design Award

Rencently, the results of the "HAIHE CUP" Excellent Survey and Design Award for 2022 were officially announced. The project of ARCHILAND "GLOBAL MALL" won the first prize in the architectural engineering-public construction category, and the “INTERIOR RENOVATION OF THE NEW BUILDING OF TIANJIN URBAN PLANNING AND DESIGN RESEARCH INSTITUTE" won the second prize in the architectural decoration design category. Through this review, it fully reflects the diversity and feasibility of the all-factor low-carbon sustainable strategy, as well as the affirmation of sustainable intelligent design and low-carbon design.

Construction Engineering - Public Construction First Prize

Global Mall

The Global Mall is the core of the regional landmark of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal RBD, and an important node to enhance the regional image and overall supporting capacity. It forms a RBD business closed loop with the existing supermarkets, flower markets, IKEA Shopping Center and Universal Studios. Utilize sustainable design strategies, maximize the consideration of land use scope, organize buildings and spaces, and achieve economical land use. The overall design adopts a passive approach, with skylights on the roof and a landscape tree array at the entrance to optimize the overall comfort of the environment.


Second Prize in Architectural Decoration Design

Interior Renovation of the Research Building of Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Research Institute

In the design of the Interior reconstruction of the scientific research building of Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, the parametric simulation of Haihe River and the main urban area of Tianjin is mainly used to form the image wall modeling in the hall. The undulating parametric modules form a gradual curved surface to represent the terrain change of the road. The hidden and showing state of Haihe River is formed with lights and high and low curved surfaces to show the interaction between Haihe River and Urban culture urban culture characteristics.