ARCHILAND won the first prize in the conceptual planning scheme competition for improving the image of Yingjing China's Black Sand City Urban culture

Recently, in the competition for the "Conceptual Planning Plan for the Cultural Image Enhancement Project of Heisha City in China", combination of ARCHILAND International and CSCEC won the first place in the planing competition. Yingjing is the origin of the national intangible cultural heritage Yingjing sand vessels and an important station on the ancient Southern Silk Road and the Tea Horse Ancient Road. Yingjing is located in the middle of Ya'an City and in the 1.5 hour economic radiation circle of Chengdu. It is an important node connecting ethnic minority areas and a bridgehead radiating Panzhihua, Xichang, Kangxi and Tibet.

Design to fully utilize mountain and water resources, enhance the overall image of the city, and build an elegant small city with a view to mountains and water. By analyzing the urban pattern and constructing a planning structure, we aim to enhance the overall vitality and cultural connotation of the city, making the streets walkable, the city readable. In order to strengthen the visual system construction of the brand image of urban culture, refine the cultural characteristics of Yingjing, design a series of symbols and mascots with cultural elements, highlight the city image, and increase the sense of identity and belonging of citizens. Yingjing, a small city born by water, With a thousand year old history,the black sand city, is attracting visitors from all over the world.