Recently, the winners of THE INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARDS has been announced. Archiland's projects - 360 HEADQUARTER won the Best Office Architecture Award, and CNOOC industrial exhibition hall won the Public Service Architecture Excellence Award. Both projects feature simple facade forms, innovative interior spaces that reflect the corporate philosophy of the owners, and use sustainable design methods to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and environmental friendliness in architecture.

The 360 Tianjin Entrepreneurship Platform is located in the Huayuan Science and Technology Park of Tianjin High tech Zone, and is a new growth pole for the future regional economy and technology. Its planning and design create a green and efficient scientific research office and high-tech research and development space pattern with a suitable and humanized design concept. The facade design adopts the concept of sustainable development, complementing and collaborating with each other through active systems of technological means and passive systems that utilize the natural environment.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation Industrial Exhibition Hall is located in Binhai, Tianjin, close to Binhai West railway station. With convenient transportation, it has unlimited development potential in the future. It is located inside the park and adjacent to the Jinhai Lake Scenic Area, providing a good foundation for sustainable design and landscape creation. It organically combines urban planning, landscape design and sustainable architectural design. Through passive and active design strategies, it reduces high energy consumption, improves energy utilization, protects ecological and biological diversity, and uses sustainable design to create a future oriented enterprise exhibition hall that displays enterprise spirit.