2024ARCHILAND wishes you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The bell of the New Year is about to ring. In the past year, ARCHILAND has continuously improved itself and committed itself to creating more vibrant and greener urban spaces. Looking forward to the coming year, ARCHILAND will continue to innovate and forge ahead. On the New Year Eve, ARCHILAND wish everyone peace and happiness,and all the best!

To celebrate the arrival of Christmas and New Year, look back to 2023 and move forward to 2024, ARCHILAND China held a joyful and wonderful party, and celebrated the New Year's Day together in a lively atmosphere.This Christmas and year's New Year's Day event is based on the keywords "Warmth" & "Persevere". In the late winter season, hand-brewed red wine, French bread baked on site and colorful desserts will create a festive atmosphere.

The activity entered the "gift exchange" link. With "environmental protection, sustainable recycling" as the theme, each colleague wrapped their own carefully prepared gifts and delivered the blessings representing their hearts to each person by random selection.

In this joyful and auspicious festival, ARCHILAND International sincerely wishes everyone a happy and well-being Christmas and New Year's Day. May we go forward, create more possibilities together in the New Year, and build a green and sustainable future for cities.