ARCHILAND "Urban Renewal" Academic Seminar was held successfully on July 3rd. Professors and students from Hebei University of Engineering participated in this seminar. Faced with a series problems occurred in urbanization, this meeting aim to share and exchange opinions on the topic of "Urban Renewal" by analyzing typical cases.

Sun Zheng, Senior Landscape Planner and Design Director of ARCHILAND, gave the opening speech. Wei Yufei, Partner and Architecture Design Director of ARCHILAND, shared with us the Tianjin Tractor Factory Renovation Project, one of the urban renewal cases done by ARCHILAND.

Yang Siyu, Investment Development Director of SUNAC Group North China Region Tianjin Company, shared his personal growth experience as a designer. He believes that as a planner, you should not only treat every project conscientiously, but also broaden your horizon and take the promotion of urban modernization as your ultimate goal.

Afterwards, the active interacts and discussions in Q&A brought students a further understanding of professional topics.

At the end of the conference, Wang Shouyi, associate professor of Hebei University of Engineering, gave a summary the event. This event gave students an opportunity to better understand urban renewal. Students benefited a lot from the exchange.